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CBRC – CSRT Anesthesia Assistant Examination

The CBRC has been selected by the Canadian Society Of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT) in conjunction with the Canadian Anesthesiologist Society (CAS) to administer the National Certified Clinical Anesthesia Assistant examination.  The exam is based of the National Competency Framework developed by the CSRT in partnership with the CAS and released in June of 2016

To be eligible to challenge this exam, an individual must have graduated from an accredited AA Education Program.

Information from the CSRT regarding CCAA designation changes:

  • January 2018 – all new graduates of an AA education program must complete the AA exam to obtain the CCAA designation.  For further information related to this designation please contact the CSRT cmccoy@csrt.com
  • January 2019 – to obtain the CCAA designation all AAs must graduate from a CSRT accredited program and complete the AA exam
  • Grandfathering clause: Until January 2019, the CSRT will offer the CCAA certificate and professional designation to recognize AAs who have already completed an education program and/or achieved competencies through clinical experience and can provide an attestation from their immediate supervisor that they have achieved the competencies outlined in the 2016 National AA Competency Framework.

CBRC Anesthesia Assistant Exam date : October 28, 2019

Deadline to Apply:   August 21, 2019

Online registration:  July 18 – August 21, 2019

To register online during this period please visit:  https://cbrcaa.ysasecure.com

Candidate Manual: CBRC AA Manual March 2019 English

Anesthesia Assistant National Competency Framework:   CSRT AA NCF 2016

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